Classes of the Phylum (Division) Cyanobacteria

Taxonomic information of, and a list of the classes within, the phylum (division); Cyanobacteria including the number of families in each class


A Class is a taxonomic group of related biological units. There are a number of different classes (See list below). Until the early 18th Century, when its place was assumed by the taxonomic group Phylum, it used to be the highest level grouping in the taxonomic naming convention. Even today there are numerous differing opinions relating to its structure and constituent members and with the introduction of more modern naming and grouping systems has become of minor importance.

Single-cell micro-organisms. Some of which may cause infections and disease in animals and humans.  



Sub Phylum

Infra Phylum

blue-green algae 

Classes of the Phylum Cyanobacteria

Alphabetical list of orders within the class

This page displays the Classes within the selected Phylum: Cyanobacteria. The number of entries in right-hand column indicates the number of Orders of each Class in the level below.


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