List of British Fungi and Lichens beginning with V

Page : 1 of the list of British Fungi and Lichens, including native and wild mushrooms, where the British Common Name for the specie begins with V, with links to further details of individual species, taxonomic data and images (if available).

You will find listed here, in alphabetical order by Common Name, all the British Fungi species who's common name begins with "V" from our Flora and Fauna database. As there are a large number of species with similar names we have included the genus, species, phylum, family and kingdom to help you correctly select the one you are looking for. If we have images available the number of images is displayed in the right hand column and a link appears to those images under the species name.

All the fungi below are of the Kingdom Fungi.

This page only displays species that have common names, there is likely to be many more members of this species in the main database that are found either in or around the British Isles or somewhere within the United Kingdom that do not have common names they will however be marked native, introduced, etc. To access these return to Flora and Fauna Menu and use the World Wildlife sub-menu.

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British Fungi - V

Picture Availability

If photographs are available the species name is displayed in bold with the camera icon Camera Icon beside it along with the number of photos available. Similarly if other types of image, e.g. paintings or drawings, are available the image icon Image Icon is displayed along with the number of images. To view the images click on the species name.

Endangered Species

Where species are at risk or endangered the Common Name is displayed in red emboldened text.


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