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Species of the Genus Geastrum


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higher fungi that include mushrooms and puffballs 

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Key to the Species table below

In the table below where the species is displayed in bold type the species may be found either in or around the British Isles or somewhere within the United Kingdom.


If high quality digital photographs are available the species name is displayed with the camera icon Camera Icon beside it along with the number of photos available or with the image icon Hand drawn or painted images of the specie are available to indicate that other types of image are available and their number. Please be aware many of these other images are included for their historic value some being in excess of 100 years old and may not be of high quality we achieve today, they do however reflect the state of scientific knowledge at the time.  To view any of the images click on the species name.


Other entries not found in or around the British Isles nor within the United Kingdom only have a basic data entry indicating the position of the species within the taxonomic structure. The purpose of displaying all members of a specific genus is to allow the user to determine how many members of a genus are UK residents or UK visitors.


Species of the Genera Geastrum,
 of the Family Geastraceae,
    of the Order Lycoperdales,
      of the Class Basidiomycetes,
        of the Phylum Basidiomycota

Species - Sub Species - Variation Synonyms Common Name UK Status Habitat

Geastrum berkeleyi

Berkeley's Earthstar


Geastrum campestre

Field Earthstar


Geastrum corollinum

Weathered Earthstar


Geastrum coronatum


Geastrum elegans

Elegant Earthstar


Geastrum fimbriatum  Hand drawn or painted images of the specie are available x 2

Geaster fimbriatus

Sessile Earthstar


Geastrum floriforme


Geastrum fornicatum

Arched Earthstar


Geastrum fornicatus


Geastrum lageniforme

Flask Earthstar


Geastrum minimum

Tiny Earthstar


Geastrum pectinatum


Geastrum pyriforme


Geastrum quadrifidum

Rayed Earthstar


Geastrum rufescens


Geastrum schmidelii

Dwarf Earthstar


Geastrum striatum

Striate Earthstar


Geastrum triplex

Collared Earthstar



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