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Species of the Genus Oedogonium


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Hirn, 1900

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Key to the Species table below

In the table below where the species is displayed in bold type the species may be found either in or around the British Isles or somewhere within the United Kingdom.


If high quality digital photographs are available the species name is displayed with the camera icon Camera Icon beside it along with the number of photos available or with the image icon Hand drawn or painted images of the specie are available to indicate that other types of image are available and their number. Please be aware many of these other images are included for their historic value some being in excess of 100 years old and may not be of high quality we achieve today, they do however reflect the state of scientific knowledge at the time.  To view any of the images click on the species name.


Other entries not found in or around the British Isles nor within the United Kingdom only have a basic data entry indicating the position of the species within the taxonomic structure. The purpose of displaying all members of a specific genus is to allow the user to determine how many members of a genus are UK residents or UK visitors.


Species of the Genera Oedogonium,
 of the Family Oedogoniaceae,
    of the Order Oedogoniales,
      of the Class Chlorophyceae,
        of the Phylum Chlorophyta

Species - Sub Species - Variation Synonyms Common Name UK Status Habitat

Oedogonium acrosporum


Oedogonium ahlstrandii


Oedogonium ambiceps


Oedogonium americanum


Oedogonium amplus


Oedogonium angustatum


Oedogonium anomalum


Oedogonium areolatum


Oedogonium argenteum


Oedogonium argenteum var argenteum


Oedogonium argenteum var michiganese


Oedogonium armigerum


Oedogonium australe


Oedogonium borisianum


Oedogonium boscii


Oedogonium boscii var boscii


Oedogonium braunii


Oedogonium canadense


Oedogonium capillare


Oedogonium capillare var capillare


Oedogonium capillare var stagnale


Oedogonium capilliforme


Oedogonium capilliforme var australe


Oedogonium capilliforme var capilliforme


Oedogonium capilliforme var diversum


Oedogonium capitellatum


Oedogonium cardiacum


Oedogonium ciliatum


Oedogonium concatenatum


Oedogonium crassiusculum


Oedogonium crassiusculum var arechavaletae


Oedogonium crassiusculum var crassiusculum


Oedogonium crassiusculum var idioandrosporum


Oedogonium crassum


Oedogonium crassum var amplum


Oedogonium crassum var crassum


Oedogonium crenulatocostatum


Oedogonium crenulatocostatum var crenulatocostatu


Oedogonium crenulatocostatum var cylindricum


Oedogonium crenulatocostatum var longiarticulatum


Oedogonium crispum


Oedogonium crispum var crispum


Oedogonium crispum var gracilenscens


Oedogonium cryptoporum


Oedogonium cryptoporum var cryptoporum


Oedogonium cryptoporum var vulgare


Oedogonium cyathigerum


Oedogonium cymatosporum


Oedogonium decipiens


Oedogonium decipiens var decipiens


Oedogonium decipiens var dissimile


Oedogonium dictyosporum


Oedogonium diversum


Oedogonium echinospermum


Oedogonium eriense


Oedogonium exocostatum


Oedogonium fabulosum


Oedogonium fennicum


Oedogonium flavescens


Oedogonium foveolatum


Oedogonium fragile


Oedogonium franklinianum


Oedogonium geniculatum


Oedogonium giganteum


Oedogonium glabrum


Oedogonium globosum


Oedogonium gracilius


Oedogonium gracillimum


Oedogonium grande


Oedogonium grande var aequatoriale


Oedogonium grande var angustum


Oedogonium grande var grande


Oedogonium grande var robusta


Oedogonium hallasiae


Oedogonium hirnii


Oedogonium howardii


Oedogonium howei


Oedogonium idioandrosporum


Oedogonium inconspicuum


Oedogonium inerme


Oedogonium infimum


Oedogonium intermedium


Oedogonium intermedium var fennicum


Oedogonium intermedium var intermedium


Oedogonium irregulare


Oedogonium kjellmanii


Oedogonium kjellmanii var granulosa


Oedogonium kjellmanii var kjellmanii


Oedogonium kurzii


Oedogonium landsboroughi


Oedogonium landsbroughi


Oedogonium latiusculum


Oedogonium lautumniarum


Oedogonium lemmermannii


Oedogonium longatum


Oedogonium longicolle


Oedogonium longicolle var longicolle


Oedogonium longicolle var senegalense


Oedogonium longum


Oedogonium louisianense



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